Rules and Regulations

Special Guidelines for the Students

  1. Students are to abide by their own religious injunction and be hard-working and persevering to reach the summit of success.
  2. Every students must be regular and participate in the morning assembly at least 10 minutes before the school starts.
  3. Students should have breakfast first, and then come to school in neat and clean uniforms.
  4. Students cannot wander outside the classroom or on the balcony except break time.
  5. Students should always keep the school compound and the classrooms clean and tidy and dump the garbage in the bin.
  6. Students should stop anyone from damaging the school assets (chair, table, bench etc.) and report it to the class teacher.
  7. In the classroom students should hear the lectures attentively and try to understand it. If s/he faces any problem in understanding it, then s/he should request the teacher to repeat it.
  8. If the attendance percentage of any students falls below 80%, then s/he will not be allowed to seat for the examination.
  9. If any student tries to cheat in the exams, then s/he will be expelled from the examinations.
  10. If a student bunks the school before the class ends, then s/he will be severely punished on account of breaking school rules and regulations.
  11. No student can enter in the school with mobile phone.
  12. Students are to participate in the school’s academic and co-curricular activities spontaneously.

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